Chuck Low Pattern
Chuck Low Pattern
Chuck Low Pattern
Chuck Low Pattern
Chuck Low Pattern
Chuck Low Pattern

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Chuck Low Pattern

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There is no other pattern in the market, like this one!

We specifically customized a complete set of pattern pieces specific to the Chuck Low shoe, just for YOU. The thickness of the poster board makes marking the leather extremely convenient and will last for years.

With laser cut precision, each piece is marked with size & name, but has all necessary information, such as registration marks and notches to indicate right/left sides.

**Want to learn how to use this? We recommend taking our shoe-making classes which will not only teach you the fundamental skills of shoe-making, but also utilize these skills and apply them towards any pattern we sell**

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What Are The Class Details?

We do have 2 options for you to choose from: Bring Your Own Shoe or we can provide you an Air Force 1. Prices do vary based on your selection.

Feel free to bring any patches or accessories you would like added onto your sneaker. SDCF will provide a high quality paint kit from our Sponsor: Angelus Direct as well as a variety of color options for shoe laces from our Sponsor: Shoe Lace Labs.

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