October 2021: Shoemaking Class

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October 2021: Shoemaking Class

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In this 4 Day class, you'll invest in your passion, as Rey Marquez & the SDCF staff will guide you step-by-step into the full sneaker anatomy, hands-on deconstruction, sewing, & finally reconstruction. 

    You'll be able to put your vision on feet & select any shoe silhouette from our select patterns.  

    At the end of the class, you will have been fully immersed in the sneaker customization process & your very own 1:1 customized shoe. 

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    When: October 21-24, 2021 (Starting at 9am PST)
    Where: 3191 Commercial Street, San Diego, CA 92113
    Duration: 4 Days

    What's Included With The Class:

    • SD Custom Footwear 4 Day Course Breakdown
    • The Shoe Silhouette for you to customize
    • SD Custom Footwear Toolkit & Shoebox
    • Monster Energy Drink gifts & accessories
    • Unlimited premium & authentic exotic leathers.
    • Sourced materials & essentials (internal parts, shoe lasts, sewing machines)
    • Private & catered dinner on Friday Night with the whole SDCF Staff. 
    • Access to specialized discounts for future classes, materials & customized shoes.

    **After Confirmation Of Purchase, Our Staff Will Email You Requesting Your Shoe Size & Shirt Size**

    Class Overview

    Day 1: Deconstruction

    Rey teaches you about the anatomy of the sneaker & guides you through the shoe deconstruction process. Showing you how to rip & detach each piece, to understand the shoe structure and repurpose the soles for your new shoe.

    You then go in-depth and learn how the sneaker pattern is the blueprint for cutting each piece for all components of the show.

    Day 2: Cutting & Skiving

    Rey guides you through each specific leather & the proper ways to prepare and shape each piece. He teaches you techniques for cutting & skiving with the importance of how this process affects the layers on your new shoe.

    Rey's 6+ years of experience has enabled him to create seamless sewing on all of his work. He guides you through every step & sewing technique that he's used through the years.

    Day 3: Internal Construction

    You'll continue from Day #2 and finalize the sewing pieces necessary.

    Afterwards, Rey gives you a course on the importance of your internal pieces. He explains the wide variety of materials that make up a shoe: from the outer layers, foams & fabrics inside of the shoe. You'll then use those materials and start the process of reconstruction.

    Day 4: Final Reconstruction

    Lasting, detailing & the finishing touches. On this final day, you'll begin the process of attaching & securing your soles.

    Rey will teach you the process of gluing, skiving, heating & stitching your reconstructed 'Uppers' to your soles. He then gives you techniques on polishing the shoe & finalizing your creative touches.

    meet your instructor

    Rey Marquez

    Rey Marquez, Founder of SD Custom Footwear & Reymar Footwear, has been teaching & crafting sneakers for more than 6 years. Rey's passion for teaching has helped more than hundreds of sneaker customizers & built a community encouraged to support each other.

    Rey has also worked and hand-made shoes for numerous athletes & famous celebrities.

    Rey's work & dedication has allowed him, to open up his own shoe-making class, based in San Diego, CA, called SD Custom Footwear. SD Custom Footwear is now sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, a partnership that is a product of passion, innovation, and influence

    Invest In Your Passion

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    Shoemaking Bundle

    Air Jordan 1 High Pattern
    Air Jordan 1 Lasts
    Air Jordan 1 Lasts
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    Air Jordan 1 Lasting Board
    Inner Construction Material
    SDCF Shoemaking Toolkit