AJ4 'Northern Lights' Student Review: @SailboatSupplies

AJ4 'Northern Lights' Student Review: @SailboatSupplies

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"I've been doing sneaker customizations and restorations for over a year and at this point in time, I started to see the bespoke/customization world flourish. I had been following a few social media pages for some time & finally decided to commit. I felt as though it was the perfect time to get involved, and SDCF was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge.

Before class, I was concerned that my basis of knowledge would not be sufficient for the class. I hadn't done much sewing, cutting, and reconstruction. I was going in the class more or less blind. But the instructors were absolutely amazing!

Rey especially, shows an amazing mastery of the skills utilized in this course. Travis was able to teach, help, and answer all questions to aid students in class. Adrina's attitude was infections and her positivity encouraged the class as a whole. Julian did an amazing job with photography & videography, which helped the class be proud of our process, from the lens of another person.

Overall, I think that the experience was absolutely incredible. I was ecstatic that I had the opportunity to attend and really appreciate what SDCF is doing for the bespoke/custom scene. It really is an amazing experience and I am thrilled to have been a part of it!"