From Our Very Own: Behind The Scenes w/ Adrina

From Our Very Own: Behind The Scenes w/ Adrina

Hi! My name is Adrina. I am a 37-year-old Registered Nurse from Memphis, TN. My journey with custom shoe reconstruction has been exciting! I went from not wearing sneakers at all, to creating my own, and now I am a team member at San Diego Custom Footwear!

In March 2021 at SDCF in San Diego, CA my boyfriend and I began this journey together. We each made a Jordan 11; that was my first time learning the names of the Jordan shoe variations and sewing something together! I really enjoyed the class. I found the instructors to be so helpful! Travis and I each came out with a new passion!

So, over the next 4 months we took a class monthly and created a new silhouette each time; Jordan 1, Dunk, Jordan 3, and Off- White Jordan 1.

I did not even start wearing sneakers until after the third class because I was a heel/sandal girl. So, what made me take the class? I actually took the class to be able to help create shoes for business. Yet, after taking the class so many times I realized that I wanted to be a part of this community. I reached out to Rey, told him that if he needed help, we would be interested, and he bought us on!!!

SDCF and the shoe reconstruction community inspires me to grow! I am so happy I decided to do this!

Being a part of this team means so much to me. The people I have met being a student and instructor are so mind stimulating! Big thinkers, planners, doers! I feel like in this community people are not limiting themselves. Yet, the biggest thing for me is the love felt!

When I come to San Diego Custom Footwear, I bring my selflessness because I want everyone to enjoy this experience as much as possible even if I have to be uncomfortable. I have sat in that student’s seat five times and I know the struggle. I also know the glory of coming out on the other side!

In my opinion it’s worth it. Not just for the skill but also the connections! As human beings we thrive with interaction! Being able to make friends as an adult and having a safe space to enjoy a shared interest is priceless…