Pro-Tips: Monthly Shoemaking Advice

Pro-Tips: Monthly Shoemaking Advice

Patterns & Lasts - Do all Lasts fit all Patterns??

Lasts and Patterns:

           Choosing lasts and patterns from the same company is a safe decision in minimizing errors during the shoe reconstruction process. Shoe patterns are developed from the last that the company utilizes. If you buy a last from Company A and a pattern from Company B, you are risking the chance of running into issues down the line. Last molds can differ from business to business & not necessarily fit the pattern from another business. 

           To be safe it is best to choose lasts and patterns from the same company. By doing this you know that the measurements of the pattern are specific for the last being utilized.

San Diego Custom Footwear offers lasts and patterns, where our lasts specifically mold to perfection towards your custom shoe. We go through multiple test runs with our patterns and ensure these patterns fit specific lasts made by SDCF. Check out the SD Custom Footwear YouTube page for free videos.