SDCF Discord Announcement

SDCF Discord Announcement

The SDCF DISCORD Server is now live! If unfamiliar with Discord according to Wikipedia, Discord is an instant messaging and distribution site where users can communicate via voice calls, video calls, text message, media and/or files in private chats and/or part of communities called "servers".

So, what does all that mean? Discord is a place where you get lots of options for communication. SDCF wants to make sure that we have a place for our Alumni & Supporters to meet together & talk shop. Having a place where we all can share, ask questions, and just engage in conversation is important to us.

Here at SDCF we do not want the experience to end once you leave. Even from home we not only want to be able to provide continuing service but to integrate everyone into this community.  

- Adrina Farris

Creative Writer & Instructor SDCF