jack in the box: 4.20 dunk high

Pineapple Express

Jack In The Box gave SDCF the creative freedom to conceptualize a custom sneaker inspired by their newest addition: Pineapple Express Menu. Innovative menu items with signature flavors - all celebrated in honor of 4/20.

We decided to take a unique approach - using genuine Arapaima & Skunk Fur really achieved the Pineapple effect. The golden-yellow leathers have been treated so that they mimic the texture of a real pineapple, while toe boxes covered in soft green fur call to the spiky leaves of a fruit.

jack in the box x mint mobile

Mint Oreo 4's

As a small business supportive effort, Jack In The Box was looking to use Rey's creativity & craftsmanship to design a sneaker specific to their collaboration with Mint Mobile. The partnership with Ryan Reynolds paved way for a new milkshake - Mint Oreo.

We wanted to remaster the iconic Oreo AJ4's with a sleek colorway inspired by the new Mint Oreo Milkshake.

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About SDCF

Rey Marquez, Founder of SD Custom Footwear has been designing & developing custom sneakers for over 8+ years. Rey's philosophy & dedication to his craft has allowed him to work with and hand-make shoes for numerous businesses, celebrities, musicians, artists, & athletes.

Rey seeks to invigorate his client's ideas by offering an assortment of custom bespoke solutions.

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